Clutch facings. ( Asbestos Free)
Woven quality Asbestos Free Clutch Facing, made of Man Made Fibre Yarns, a cocktail of aromatic & inorganic fibre firmly locked with elastomer based novalac binder. It has been developed conforming to the highest standards
The standard currently laid down by clutch and vehicle manufacturers in terms of non-speed & non-pressure sensitivity, resistance to fade, wear and judder. It has a medium co-efficient of friction and is non-aggressive to mating surface. It has high strength and burst speed which is coupled with excellent modulus of elasticity for comfort driving.


This is recommended to use in the dry clutch for cars, vans, commercial vehicles and tractors. For best performance use good quality, fine grained paralytic cast iron mating surface with a Brinell Hardness of 179-229.

Our range of clutch facing is as follows:- We can supply outer diameters from 50mm to 450mm and an inside diameter of any size.

Thickness from 3mm to any Thickness.

Range List

We have a comprehensive range. Many more sizes are available on request. Please ask us for a complete application list.

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