Woven Brake linings.



MOB/METALLIC/001 is a flexible, solid woven, asbestos based friction material, made from yarn spun around brass-wire, which contributes considerably to its strength.
It has a medium/high coefficient of friction combined with moderate temperature and wear resistance.

It is available in roll form and segments, cones and special shapes can easily be cut from it. Being a flexible material it is possible to form it to radius when fitting it; to facilitate this operation, it may be heated uniformly to a moderate temperature to soften the impregnant.

It is designed solely for use under dry conditions.

Non Metallic

MOB/NME/002 is a very good heavy duty Woven Brake Lining for general automotive and industrial Applications. It is a semi-rigid Non-Metallic woven asbestos friction material bonded by a high temperature impregnant to give it enhanced mechanical strength and good anti-fade and wear properties.

MOB/NME/003 liners are compressed and ground to shape and thickness, and possess a high uniform coefficient of friction, coupled with great durability and a good resistance to fade. The absence of wire reduces brake drum scoring tendencies to a minimum.
The material is sufficiently flexible to accommodate small changes in radius and to make it suitable for use as a band lining ; the impregnant does not soften when heated and large changes in radius should not be attempted.

MOB/NME/004 is available in liner and roll form and is suitable for use under dry operating conditions i.e. it is not suitable for use in oil.

MOB/NME/005 may be bonded with suitable bonding adhesive; for best results thermo-setting adhesive are recommended. The lining surface should be prepared for bonding by grinding, shot blasting, finishing etc.

Technical Data:
Non Metallic MOB/NME/003 > (Average)

Data is based on MOBREC standard test methods

  kg /cm2 lbs/sq. in
Tensile strength 211 3000
Compressive strength
(for 10% compression)
1,266 18,000
Rivet holding capacity 970 13,800
Specific gravity 1.48 (gm/cc) 0.051(lbs/cu inch)

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Brake & Clutch Design > Non Metallic

The coefficient of friction for design should be based upon the graph, the severity of the application, and the maximum anticipated operating temperature being taken into account.
Normal engineering practice should be followed in applying an appropriate safety factor to the torque requirements of the unit.

  We can supply a range of woven lining in, 25mm - 300mm widths and 4.8mm to 20mm in thickness. Please feel free to contact us and ask us about our complete range of woven materials.


Recommended Mating Surface > Non Metallic


Good quality fine grained or alloy cast iron.
If steel, then forged or cold rolled with a Brinell of 150 or over.

Cast steels are not recommended for use as mating surfaces.

Recommended Operating Temperature > Non Metallic

It is possible to exceed the recommended maximum temperature for short periods.
The recommended Maximum temperature is commensurate with a reasonable rate of wear.

Maximum temperature 350°C (662°F)
Maximum Continuous temperature 150°C (302°F)

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